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Transforming archives into high-quality digital assets 

About Us:

We are a specialist company, applying cutting edge technology to the efficient transformation of analogue archives into high-quality digital libraries.


Using unique digital scanning technologies in the form of a software App and equipment we are able to work on or off-site to quickly and efficiently capture data.


Increasingly more archives and records offices are seeking to move more of their assets online where they can be accessed for either research or educational purposes and also as part of a wider digital strategy.


Traditionally, the cost of any transformation can be very high and acts as a barrier to the migration of data to being available online.


Not any longer.


Archive Digital can assist with the fast, efficient and low cost transformation of data into digital formats, utilising a unique range of purpose designed technology solutions that significantly increases the speed, efficiency and cost effectiveness of the conversion process.


The range of ‘Digitiser®’ solutions are specifically designed to convert analogue archives into high-quality digital libraries quickly, easily, efficiently, so reducing processing times and making substantial savings in the overall cost of transformation.


We offer a range of business services including consultancy, archive digital transformation, capture and application of metadata, captioning and transcription. We also supply the ‘Digitiser®’ range of systems, which are up to 40 times faster than traditional scanning / digitisation solutions.


Contact us and we will be very happy to discuss your own digital strategy.

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